Why Instilling Team Spirit in the Young Minds is of Utmost Importance Today?

Why Instilling Team Spirit in the Young Minds is of Utmost Importance Today?

The responsibility of a school extends way beyond just catering to the need for basic education in children. In fact, with the emerging trends in the field of education, it has become imperative to integrate a strong value system along with the traditional education impartation methods. It is in the assimilation of these two aspects that we can expect our future generation to stand stout and shine brightly. The core learning phase of children is spent in school acquiring knowledge and skills, and it is during this time that children foster the highest capacity to adapt to new things. Be it a cognitive learning or a social one; a young mind is the best to be appropriately shaped. Team working spirit acts as the pillar to the success in the future which should be taught to every child from the initiation of the very first day of his/her educational journey. Hence, any school, with progressive learning in focus, must cater to the requirements of comprehending the importance of teamwork and should promote it. Lotus Valley International School is an institute that thinks beyond conventions and acts beyond boundaries. We make sure that every child learns the value of cooperation and teamwork so that they make a strong foundation for their future.

Teamwork boosts one’s ability to listen

In today’s world, most of the children get nurtured in a nuclear family environment that naturally makes them the sole speaker at home. As such, they fail to develop the skill of listening which is ideally one of the most critical aspects of being successful in life. It is from hearing that we learn about new ideas and concepts that serve to broaden our horizon of knowledge. Moreover, the future world awaits managers and personnel who can handle teams and technologies well, for which listening and understanding are two connected components. Hence, at LVIS, we arrange interactive sessions involving multiple students which make the children to not only speak confidently but also listen calmly.

Team spirit is the ability to work with anyone, everyone

When a child grows up and joins the professional world, he/she has to become adaptive and adjustable with the kind of environment and people they encounter at the workplace. If the child is not brought up in a way that has made him/her realize the potency of adjusting with people, it would be next to impossible for them to make a successful career out of it. Hence, the learning procedure at LVIS has been designed in such a way that some kind of teamwork activities are organized regularly. This helps them learn to deal with various people and how to act and manage under different circumstances. Clubs, recreational activities, sports and, excursions are some of the methods through which we try to instill the spirit of teamwork in our students.

Team spirit promotes healthy competition

In today’s world, competition is one thing that every child gets to experience everywhere. A critical aspect regarding this sense of competitiveness is that no child should become negative while treating the competitor, and the same can only be guaranteed with a value supported learning system. It is essential to make the young minds understand that competition is there to propel the instinct of improvement in everyone and not to wish for the failure of the competing individual. Success never means leaving others behind; it rather means making your own way ahead of others and showing them the same to follow. This is what effective team working is all about, and this is exactly the thought that we, at LVIS, have instilled in our students.

At Lotus Valley, one among the Top International Schools in Noida, we emphasize on education that’s not limited to scoring high in exams, but rather focuses on the overall development of our students. We make every attempt to groom our students into individuals with humane values that make them strong enough to survive the test of time. Starting from our infrastructure to methodologies, every bit has been designed in a manner that it reflects the priceless values that will make the future generation work to make the nation proud.

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