Transitioning from School to College – Points to Note!

Transitioning from School to College – Points to Note!

There is no denying the fact that choosing a college is a huge undertaking. Think about all the days and nights you need to spend filling out the online applications, requesting letters of recommendation, getting all the documents sorted, and even preparing for the entrance tests that some of the colleges have. But in your heart, you believe that once you have chosen the right college and all the admission procedure is done, all that stress will go away, and you will be on your way to a new life. However, the question remains whether it is really that simple?

The transition from school to college can feel very stressful considering the fact that you are entering a whole new world of education and taking the first steps into the next stage of your life. The friends whom you have known for such a long time may no longer be there with you, nor will the acquainted faces of your teachers or the familiarity of your school premises. However, when you consider it in a positive light, this new phase of life is also your chance to make new memories, new friends, and new experiences. So, take a look at below-mentioned points that will help you ease into this transition from school to college.

Use but do not abuse your newfound freedom

Once in college, there may not be anyone to force you to attend every single class and sit through all the lectures. There won’t be any fixed timings to come and leave the college premises in most cases. We understand that this newfound sense of freedom, being greater than anything you had experienced while in school, can be quite addictive. But do not let that get into your head too much because at the end of the day, your class attendance is important and you surely do not want to miss out on the important lectures and lag behind in studies.

Time management is your best friend

To be a successful college student, you will have to make time management your best friend. Consider the fact that you will have to squeeze in all the assignments, events, and classes in your schedule and still keep some time aside for yourself and your new buddies. Keep this rule of thumb in mind: study for three hours outside the classroom for every hour that you spend on a subject in the classroom. Make a routine for studies and assignments, and mark the events on it as well to keep it all in order.

Dealing with financial responsibilities

Financial responsibility is a big part of your transition from school to college, and it gets even more serious if you take student loans to study. Keep in mind that you should never take out more money than necessary because after graduating, regardless of whether you have a job, you will have to start paying back the money. Make sure never to go overboard with the expenses.

A new kind of social responsibility

Being sociable was important in your school too, but being in college takes it all a lot higher. Your fellow classmates in college will play a surprisingly influential and important part in your life now. They will be your tutors during those group study sessions and your support system if you are studying away from your hometown. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there and reap the benefits of the large and diverse social circle that your college offers you. Be on good terms with the faculty, staff, classmates, and seniors,and your college life will turn out to be one wonderful experience.

We, at Lotus Valley International School, ranked among the Top International Schools in Noida, are very much confident that the values and ideals that we have taught you in your years of being with us will help you progress successfully in life, andyou will surely make us proud in any institution that you go. We assure you that the good wishes and heartfelt support of your alma mater will be with you wherever you go.

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