Top Innovations from Across the Globe that can help Improvise the Education Impartation System

An educational institution is the cultivator of true learning with its classrooms being the greenhouse that nurtures creativity and talent in the young minds. The dynamics between a teacher and the students, along with the application of the right tools and usage of the proper approaches to learning, is the factor that defines the essence of the education impartation. When both the teachers and the students have access to modern tools and techniques of learning, it becomes easier to take the learners on a journey of acquiring knowledge by instilling an environment of interactivity and curiosity and responding to their doubts. Hence, in order to optimize the learning experience, most educational institutions today are vying to embrace the innovative methods, incorporate the modern educational tech, and encourage teachers to be more creative than earlier. So, without further ado, let us delve further into the top innovations from across the globe that can help improvise the education impartation system the most.

Usage of Audio-Visual Aids in Learning

The aim of the audio-visual learning is to boost the understanding and learning capabilities of children. Graphical representation of the complex subjects and complicated concepts become a lot easier when explained through audio-visual aids.

Role-Play Techniques for Better Understanding

Right from the pre-school level, teachers can start initiating children into role-playing sessions where they play the part of historical figures and stalwarts of the nation. Such role-play techniques bring in an element of entertainment to the classroom, and, it also leads to a deeper understanding and appreciation about the things and people that they read about.

Encouraging peer teaching in the classroom

Peer teaching is held as one of the most effective strategies to even out the learning curve in a class. Teachers can pair up students who are high performers with the ones who are still struggling in certain areas. It enables good performers to revise the things that they have already learned and the struggling students to respond more actively to the tips and ideas offered by their peers.

Interactive games and playing sessions

The ‘learn while you play’ technique has been popular among students of all grades for the longest time, and it has also proven to be a successful strategy to keep them engaged. When the methods are well-designed and executed, the gaming sessions reinforce cognitive knowledge, especially of scientific and mathematical concepts, and also serve to strengthen the vocabulary. Such games seamlessly incorporate subject knowledge and application without making the students feel like they need to try too hard to learn it all.

Going beyond the boundaries of the classroom

Education is all about making children aware of the wider world that lies beyond the boundaries of their classrooms. Thus, most leading schools these days are embracing the trend of taking children outside the classrooms, whether it is on an excursion, to the garden right outside the building, or to the nearest industry. Children are able to gain knowledge more readily when they can see and experience art and history in museums rather than being taught about the same in the class.

We, at Lotus Valley International School, one of the top international schools of Noida, believe that such creative endeavors and innovations from the modern educational institutions from across the world have helped to transform the classrooms into zones of intellectual rigor and highly productive activities. We, at our school, have attempted to incorporate as many of these educational innovations in our teaching approach and methodologies as possible with many more plans underway to make room for further innovations for our young geniuses. We believe that embracing such initiatives have helped us ensure that our institution prospers as the holistic and rich learning space that we have always envisioned it to be.

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