Top 5 Eco-friendly Activities to Teach Kids these Summers

Top 5 Eco-friendly Activities to Teach Kids these SummersThis beautiful earth that we call home, with all its plentiful bounties, is something that deserves to be celebrated and protected every day, andthe World Environment Day is a great reminder of that. This special day dedicated to Mother Earth is about remembering all the gifts that she has offered us and what we owe to her for all her offerings. We, at Lotus Valley International School, believe that one of the best initiatives that we can take from this Environment Day onwardsis to not only make ourselves more environmentally aware and conscious but also to bring our children within the folds of the initiatives to conserve the planet.

It goes without saying that our children begin learning about the issues and concerns of the environment from an early age, and the concepts of pollution, ozone layer depletion, global warming, and more are nothing new to them. The focus, this Environment Day and every day hereafter, needs to be on teaching the young ones to putthose concepts to use. So, let’s start the initiative today with teaching kids these top five easy and effective environmental activities:

  1. Planting a Tree

You do not need to have a big backyard to teach your kids about the benefits of planting trees. You can even let them grow a herb garden in the window or on your patio. Get a couple of packets of seeds, some soil, and some fertilizers, and let them start working on their garden without any further delay. If at all you are unable to find any space to let them start a garden, just get them a potted plant and ask them to take care of it.

  1. Putting Children on a Power Patrol

Making children an in-charge of something helps them feel more in control and also builds up their self-esteem. Offer kids small incentives or rewards to find ways to stop the people in your home from wasting power or electricity. Tell them to be on guard when someone forgets to switch off the lights or close the tap, and so on, and ask them to catch the offender red-handed!

  1. Making Toys from the Trash

There is no denying the fact that children are prone to either damaging the toys or forgetting the new toys after just a couple of days. Now, teach them to make toys out of recycled objects, and see how well they take care of their new, handmade toy. Let them make sailing vessels out of old milk cartons, or toy boxes out of old containers, and that will at least stop a little more waste from being added to the environment.

  1. Teach them to Make Paper Bags

If you think of all the trees that are cut for obtaining a paper, you will understand that paper is actually one of the costliest resources that we have. Teach your child to make bags out of the old newspapers, and take that bag whenever you go on to buy groceries or other small objects so that you can easily say no to plastic bags. It is one of the best ways to teach your child to save money and trees, and you can contribute as well by putting those bags to good use.

  1. Making a DIY Birdfeeder

Let your child invite the birds to home by teaching him/her how to make a DIY birdfeeder. Tell the kid to keep a pot of water on the terrace, on the window sill, or on the verandah for the birds to drink from it, and put the birdfeeder right beside it. You can easily find videos online that teach them the easiest ways to make DIY birdfeeders.

At Lotus Valley International School,one among the Top 10 CBSE Schools in Noida, our focus has always remained on making our pupils aware of their responsibilities towards the environment.By conducting planting activities and other such nature related tasks for our pupils, we ensure that the little ones remain well connected with Mother Earth. We firmly believe that with such little initiatives as discussed in this article above, we can surely enable the transformation of our kids into responsible citizens who can make earth a better place to live in.

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