The Role of Faculty in Raising the Quality of an Educational Institution

The responsibilities and roles of faculty members are closely linked to the central functions of education in an institute. When it comes to summing up the duties of the faculty, it pertains to the promotion of inquiry and advancement of the entirety of human knowledge and to offer general instructions to the pupils for the development of expertise in various areas of their professional lives in future. Correspondingly, the faculty also need to undertake the responsibilities of serving roles for carrying out the academic work of the institutions. Each of the varied roles played by the faculty enables the institution to disseminate and generate knowledge among the students.

We, at Lotus Valley International School, believe that it is the extensive role of the faculty members that offer the much-needed support to the entire infrastructure of our institution. Their contribution to the development and progress of our school is undeniable and irrefutable. From what we have seen and believe through our school, here is a brief overview of our ideas about the role of faculty in raising the quality of an educational institution:

Raising the quality of teaching and instructing in the institution

The role in teaching and instructing as played by the faculty members get reflected in their centrality in handling the primary educational mission among the schools. As they teach, they impart applied or basic knowledge to the students and assist them in learning and applying knowledge. The extent to which the teaching strategies modify and groom the young ones shows the quality of education imparted by an institution.

Ensuring the relevancy of the methodologies and infrastructure

The role of the faculty members does not pertain to only the academic side of a school but also to the extracurricular activities and infrastructure that are on offer. It is a part of their responsibility to suggest ways of enhancing the infrastructural base of the school so that the institution is able to adequately support the academic role expected from it. This is where the faculty helps to ensure that the students can keep up with the times by introducing as a

The role of faculty in institutional services

Institutional services offered by the faculty members include attending the advisory boards and internal committees, advising students, and taking an active part in administrative initiatives. The members also take initiatives to participate in various community services organized by the institute and encourage their students to actively partake and contribute to the same. It brings out the humane side of young ones and helps them learn about their social and communal responsibilities.

The integrative roles played by the faculty members

All the three roles and responsibilities mentioned above cannot be compartmentalized as these frequently overlap in the practical world. For instance, imparting instructions under any discipline needs the active presence of superior infrastructural facilities and sound administrative systems. Without adequate knowledge and motivation, the students remain unable to participate in other activities that are essential for their all-encompassing growth. The faculty members thus play a major role in keeping up with the overall quality of an educational institute by fulfilling their responsibilities and maintaining a balance between all the roles.

We, at Lotus Valley International School, recognized among the Top Boarding Schools in Noida, believe that it is our esteemed faculty members and their expertise in playing all the aforementioned roles which stand as a crucial reason behind our position today as one of the premier educational institutes of the country. The unparalleled dedication, rich knowledge base, and years of experience of each of our faculty members have enabled us to deliver the quality of education and nurturing environment that we are able to provide at our school. It makes us really happy to see that it is through the dedication and commitment put forth by our faculty and the zeal of our students that we are able to proudly showcase excellence in our academic records every year.

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