Parent Portal at LVIS

“Nearly half of a child’s achievement in school can be accounted for by factors outside the school, including parent support.” – Dr. Ronald Ferguson, Harvard professor and director of Harvard’s Achievement Gap Initiative.

For any child, parents happen to be the most important support center, and their expansive responsibilities extend from ensuring a comfortable and happy home for a child to ensuring good education and a great life ahead. When it comes to the children’s education, the role of a parent begins at selecting the right institute for them and then extends to making sure that the children get all the necessary aids for continued progression of their studies. Realizing the crucial role that the parents play in a child’s life, we, at Lotus Valley International School, have laid out a platform where parents are included into the framework to establish a clear connection with the students and the school.

We believe that no plans for the advancement of the school, and that of the students, can be possible without the encouragement and enthusiasm of the parents. It is the parents who have placed their trust in us when it comes to carving the right educational path for their children. We totally understand how important it is for them to be able to keep track of the academic progression and other such details about their ward’s school life. To make all those details simple and easy to access for the parents, we present to you the Parent Portal of LVIS. Here’s taking a look at the various aspects of this unique portal that we have brought forth for you.

Bridging Gaps with the Parent Portal

The parent portal is a part of the ERP initiative of Lotus Valley, which stands for Enterprise, Resources, and Planning. You can easily access the portal by logging on to and using your existing password and logging ID. We also have mobile applications for this purpose, which you can access from Google Play or Windows Store. Some of the top features of this portal include:

  • Details of the assignments

You no longer need to worry about your child missing out on assignments, thanks to the fact that each assignment is logged in your child’s profile along with the date of submission.

  • Information related to exams and report cards

Keeping track of the exams and the progress report of your child becomes super easy when you are able to get all the information related to it at one place.

  • Details of online payment and fees

We have enabled online payment modes to make it simple and easily accessible for the parents. You can now know all about the billing details and dues by just one click.

  • Information on circulars, news, and activities

We understand that children, at times, tend to forget to inform the parents about the upcoming activities and the circulars. Now, you can avail all the information regarding the circulars, news, and activities on the parent portal itself.

  • Particulars of a student’s attendance

We, at LVIS, diligently keep track of the attendance of each child and that information is shared with the parents on the portal. With the parent portal, you can now also get to know if your child is eligible for that prestigious 100% attendance award.

  • Information about books from the library

We also provide information regarding the books available in the library, new arrivals, books issued, and the likes on the parent portal for you to keep track of.

Our Aim for Launching the Parent Portal

We believe that the parents are one of the crucial support pillars not only for children but also for our institution and their involvement is important for our continued growth. The idea to launch the parent portal stemmed from this very belief. It is an attempt to bring the parents within the folds of our journey towards excellence. We wanted to give the parents a platform through which they can stay connected to us and know all about the proceedings in their child’s school life.

We, at Lotus Valley, one among the Top 10 Schools in Noida, have always ensured that each of our teachers remains extremely supportive to clear any queries and doubts of the parents regarding the school and their wards. The parent portal is a step in a similar direction, serving as a helping hand for the mentors as well as the parents to communicate clearly without having to reach out to each otherphysically. The parent portal offers manifold advantages for not just the parents, but also for the students and the mentors of our institution.  All in all, parent portal is a powerful platform that has enabled to establish a strong connection between the students, parents, and the school, which is being appreciated by all for the kind of clarity it has helped to establish.

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