Most Effective Stress-Buster Activities for Kids

There is no denying the fact that exam time can turn out to be super stressful for the kids, and regardless of how hard they prepare for the papers, the anxiety ends up getting the better of them at times. However, the thing is, all this stress ends up only affecting their performance even further, instead of doing anything to help it. And, we have science to prove it! Stress makes our brains release a hormone called cortisol, which gets into the way of rational thoughts and decisions. Thus, daily stress in the days leading up to the exam will only make them perform below their own expectations.

So parents, just as you have helped the kids prepare the lessons and set their schedule, it is time now for you to help them break out of this constant exam stress. And, with that in mind, we, at Lotus Valley International School,recognized among the Top 5 Schools in Noida, have brought for you here a couple of ideas for stress-buster activities that you can introduce to your children during the exams.

Deep breathing exercises

Encourage your children to practice some deep breathing exercises while taking brief breaks from the studies. Deep breathing techniques come highly recommended by child psychologists as a simple and effective way of lowering stress levels in kids. Just make them count to four as they inhale, and the same when they exhale. Continuing the exercise for a few minutes will help to calm down the mind.

Muscle relaxation techniques

There are muscle relaxation techniques, which are highly useful in relieving exam stress in children. Ask your children to lie down, and, tell them to make the muscles in every part of their body to relax and tense alternatively. Let them start with the forehead and move gradually down to the toes.

Journaling the feelings

Journaling can be a good way for the children to express their feelings regarding a stressed situation. Ask them to write a few lines about their worries, and then, a couple of lines encouraging themselves. It will help the children to figure out the ways to handle particularly stressful situations.

Listening to music

Listening to music has been one of the most popular stress busters since forever. Let them plug-in their earphones and listen to their favorite songs for a couple of minutes. It will take their mind off from the constant exam pressure, and help them calm down before they go back to their studies again.

Taking a brief walk

Fresh air outside can do wonders in relieving the young mind of those constant exam worries. So let your child take a ten minutes’ walk down the road, at the garden, at that park opposite your house, or even just at the terrace or patio. It will help the kid in clearing his/her mind, and also keep the study fatigue at bay.

Visual imaging technique

Visual imaging is a simple technique, whereby, children are asked to create relaxing and positive thoughts and images in their minds while blocking the upsetting ideas. They can think about their fond memories, their happiest places, or their favorite food. The point is to just let them rest their eyes and relax their mind in the process.

The end goal of all the activities that we have suggested is to let the kids come back to revising and preparing with a refreshed mind. With the stress banished from their minds, they can get to studying with a renewed vigor. And, we are sure that the simple activities that we have discussed herein will be highly effective in helping the kids do just that.

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