How to Make the Lockdown Period a Teachable Moment for Kids

With the nation being under a lockdown for over a month now, there is no denying the fact that these unprecedented times are being hard oneveryone. From the parents, who are probably working from home, managing the family, and trying to keep every member safe, to the children, who are adjusting to a new routine and the new ways of learning through online classes, everyone is facing some or other difficulties during these times of corona. We understand that it seems like there is no end to this period, and it’s becoming increasingly hard to keep the frustration away. But, we will have to try to look at the positive sides of the situation, as well.

With everyone home now, there is more family time and more opportunities to strengthen those family bonds. Moreover, with the kids having ample time on their hands after their studies and online classes, it gives the parents more scope to turn this lockdown period into a teachable moment for the young ones. So, what are the things that parents can teach the kids to keep them occupied, and at the same time, keep their growth uninterrupted? Here, we, at Lotus Valley International School, have brought forth some of the ideas for you all in this respect. Read on.

Teach the important values of responsibility and duty

Now is a good time to teach the little ones about the importance of fulfilling one’s responsibility. For instance, help them plant a sapling and tell them it’s their duty to keep it alive by watering it every day or give them the responsibility to ready the dinner table each night.

Show them the importance of helping Mother Earth heal

You must have come across news of how the pollution level has been on an all-time low across the world during this time. No, we’re not talking about the fake news of swans and dolphins in the canals of Venice, but rather the fact the water is actually a lot clearer. So, it’s an important time to teach the kids that they should never stop caring about Mother Earth and helping her heal.

Get them more involved in everyday chores in the house

Use this lockdown period to get them more involved in housework, such as folding the washed clothes, cleaning their rooms, wiping down kitchen benches, and so on. Once they learn how to do these simple chores, they will surely be happy to keep helping you with all these even after this time is over.

Teach the significance of donating to the poor and needy

As you plan to donate to the government and non-government organizations during these difficult times, make sure to get the kids onboard about it too. Explain to them why charity is one of the greatest acts of kindness, and we are sure they will want to pitch in a little something from their own pocket money too!

Help them understand the need to reduce wastage

Perhaps, there has never been a better time to teach children about the perils of wasting all the valuable resources that the earth has bestowed upon us. As we try to carefully ration our food supplies and plan the daily meals, teach them that it is also not okay to waste other things like paper or wood. Help them come up with DIY projects where they can create pretty wall hangings or coasters out of old papers or ice-cream sticks.

We, at Lotus Valley International School, ranked among the Best play school in Noida, believe that being optimistic and holding on to the bright rays of hope is the only way for us to get through this lockdown period. And, while you help create more teachable moments for the young ones and spend more time with them, it will also keep your worries and fears away. So, let’s make the most of this time and turn it into a memorable learning period for our young buds.

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