How to Help Your Kids Transition to Remote Learning

How to Help Your Kids Transition to Remote Learning

The ongoing nationwide lockdown imposed to fight the coronavirus pandemic has certainly made the patterns and routines of all our lives undergo massive changes, and our kids are feeling the effect of it too. Stuck inside the house for such a long duration, the young ones are certainly missing their classrooms, their friends, and the lessons they got to learn each day. While we definitely cannot bring them back to their classrooms or their friends, the least we can do is to keep up our responsibility towards their continued learning. With that in mind, given the unusual situations that we are in, we, at Lotus Valley International School,one among the leading schools in Noida, have enabled remote learning sessions for our students.

While this is our attempt to bring a semblance of normalcy to the children’s lives and ensuring that their academic progress is not affected, we also understand that transitioning to this new form of learning might need a bit of getting used to for both the parents and the children. To that end, we, at Lotus Valley, have brought forth for you a few tips you can use to help your kids transition to remote learning from home.

Create a proper classroom space for your child

In order to do your bit to bring some normalcy to your little ones’ lives, create a dedicated classroom space in the study room for them. So, whenever they sit for the sessions with their teachers, they can sit in that space, just as they have their own places in the classrooms.

Make a proper schedule including the academic time

Just because their usual schedules have gone for a toss, it does not mean you cannot create new ones for them. Include the time allotted for remote learning, and make a new session that they can follow during the days of the lockdown.

Do not expect things to be exactly the same

You will have to manage your expectations and understand that things are not going to be the same for kids. While we, at Lotus Valley, are trying our best to deliver the kids with online learning sessions in the best way possible, the approach might look a bit different. It is important for you to help children get through the changes, and embrace the change with ease.

Help children take advantage of the online study materials

As we have enabled remote learning sessions, we would be providing children with audio links, reading suggestions, and access to our online library. You will have to take the responsibility to make sure that children go through these online study materials and make the best use of it all.

Do not create an all work and no play situation for them

It is understandable that you are worried that your children might be lax towards their studies during these times, but don’t let that be the reason to get to increase their study hours considerably. Let them have their fun time reading storybooks, baking, singing, dancing, or drawing.

Communicate with other parents and help each other

Communicate with other parents during this time to see how you can help one another during this difficult time. Maybe some of the techniques that they are using to keep their kids engaged at a time like this might come to your aid. Share ideas, thoughts, and keep in touch as we continue our remote learning sessions.

Make sure to check your messages and email IDs for updates

We will be sending updates to your email IDs and through text messages to let you know about the sessions, or if under any circumstances we need to postpone any session. Make sure that you check these regularly so that you are in the loop about any latest developments on our side.

We, at Lotus Valley International School,would like you to rest assured that we will do our best to maintain academic continuity during this time of crisis. And, until we meet again, we wish good health and happiness for all our young scholars and the parents.

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