How to Ensure Effective Learning Outcomes Even During the Holidays

Holidays are something that every child looks forward to, and why wouldn’t they? After all, it is the time that promises a few extra hours of sleep, a bit more time with friends, and just a lot of relaxation overall. But, there are times when holidays arrive unplanned as has happened now amid the coronavirus scare. Schools are shut so as to keep the children aloof against catching the infection. Children are advised to stay home and avoid any sort of outings for the time being. But not going to schools doesn’t mean that the learning must stop for them. Just as children plan other activities during the holidays, the learning process can also be planned out well. It is important to make sure that those minds remain active and the learning never stops.

We, at Lotus Valley International School, a leading play school in Noida, have always believed that learning for the mind is a lot like what regular exercising feels for the body: give it a break for a few weeks, and suddenly getting up on that treadmill feels a bit difficult. Similarly, the mind requires regular exercises in the form of continued learning for it to develop and grow. Besides, when the right steps are taken, ensuring effective learning outcomes is never too difficult. So today, we will discuss some of those steps in detail. Let’s get on with it!

The aim is not to take the fun out of holidays

The very first thing that we would like to tell you is that, when it comes to ensuring effective learning outcomes during the holidays, the aim is to still keep it fun. We are never asking you to keep them away from exciting activities they love to partake in. After all, learning goes beyond the books, and even indoor activities can teach a child so much.

Divide the task of learning into small parts

Continuing from the previous aspect that we mentioned, we do believe that it is important to let them relax during the holidays. So, for instance, if the kid used to diligently solve twenty sums on a regular school day, it is okay to allow him/her to do ten during the holidays. It wouldn’t affect the learning outcomes, but will rather help to keep the child connected with the learning process.

It is time to go for some science experiments at home

A couple of simple science experiments at home can be the perfect combination of learning and fun, and certainly, deliver the outcome of experiential knowledge procurement. So, it’s time to run a Google search about the experiments that can be tried at home and getting the equipment ready for the task.

Let them learn more from their surroundings

Holidays are also one of the best times to help children learn more from their surroundings. Instead of you explaining the things unfolding before their eyes, let them explain it to you as they have learnt it in class. There’s no better way to revise the lessons than this!

Encourage them to try out for a new skill or hobby

Ask them if there is a skill or hobby that they have wanted to learn or take up for a long time. Help them in pursuing that hobby at home during the holidays, because as we said earlier, learning goes way beyond the bounds of the books, and even newly acquired skills and hobbies can teach a lot of perseverance and determination to the young minds.

At Lotus Valley International School, we believe that when it comes to ensuring better outcomes during the holidays, the key is to not let the momentum of learning stop. It’s important to keep the young minds jogging, and the ideas that we have shared in here will certainly help you in making sure that happens.

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