How Inter School Competitions Aid Learning and Growth of Students

How Inter School Competitions Aid Learning and Growth of Students

The interschool competitions, where the fellow students and teachers from different schools come together to participate, offer a lot more than the opportunity of showcasing skills. The participants get to gain substantial experience and uncover personal aptitude while having a ton of fun in doing that. There are various ways through which the interschool competitions can aid in learning and growth, and, here, we are discussing some of those ways in this article below:

Instilling a sense of teamwork and collaboration

Interschool competitions are synonymous to teamwork and collaboration among the participants. Right from partaking in the organization process of the competitions to strategizing based on the abilities of individual participants, the students learn to work as a team with their friends and their teachers. This instills the seeds of team spirit and unity amongst them, which are crucial values that help them grow as individuals.

Enhancing social and communicative skills

When it comes to interschool competitions, it will be wrong to assume that the collaboration is only between the participants of one school. The students from different schools come together, interact, intermingle, and cooperate in the successful completion of the event. It does away with age, gender, and socio-economic variances, and, enables the children to learn the ways of effective communication regardless of existing differences.

Facilitating the mindset of growth in the young ones

Dr. Carol Dweck published her book, ‘Mindset’ in 2006, which says that a growth mindset enables an individual to constantly look for ways to improve, and this leads to increased opportunity in the careers and personal lives. Interschool competitions lay the framework for facilitating a growth mindset among the students by setting benchmarks upon which they can base their improvements.

Developing the ability to handle the pressure

The interschool competitions aid children in developing the ability to handle the pressure. Resilience, persistence, and grit are all critical components of mental strength, and, these real-world skills are useful in every area of our lives and careers. By letting kids participate in inter-school competitions, children get acquainted with various elements of stress, the spirit of teamwork, and communicative skills, and in turn, develop in them the ability to handle any sort of pressure and challenges that they are posed with.

We, at Lotus Valley International School, ranked among the Top 5 schools in Noida, have always encouraged our students to participate enthusiastically in various interschool competitions. It gives us immense pride that our students, through their determination, hard work, and team effort, have always won laurels and made us proud in these events. In future, we look forward to participating in many more of such events organized by other premier institutions in the region, and thus, take the process of learning and development forward through the means of enhanced cooperation and collaboration.

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