Effective Tips for Successful Cyber Parenting

Effective Tips for Successful Cyber Parenting

The widespread use of the internet has opened up a world of possibilities for everyone, and this especially holds true for the younger generation. Our little ones today are well-versed with all the skills and tools to connect with, explore, and discover the world around them,thanks to the extensive reach of the internet. We, at Lotus Valley International School, believe that the enormous benefits brought to us by the internet can never be disregarded, but at the same time, the concerns arising out of its unbridled usage are also undeniable. A number of threats for children have risen out of the rampant use of the cyberspace, which is posing a kind of challenge for the parents of this generation that was never confronted by the parents before. This has led to a therising need for cyber parenting in the current times.

Staying totally unaware of the World Wide Web is no longer something that the modern parents can afford to do. Only by being technologically aware, can the parents monitor and guide the young ones in the cyberspace. In fact, an important aspect of cyber parenting is being adept to the uses of the internet, so that parents can keep an eye out on the activities of their wards and help them stay protected from getting exposed to or involved in any untoward online activities. Here, we have brought forth five effective tips that will help you in your cyber parenting endeavors.

Instruct the kids to use the devices only in the family room

Instruct the children to use computers, laptops, or mobile phones only in the family room or living room, in front of everyone present. It will also help you in setting aside a particular time of the day to let them use the devices. This way, you can easily keep their online activities under watch.

Tell them about the perils of cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a growing menace in the online world, and the only way of preventing your child from being a bully or being bullied is to inform them beforehand about all the perils associated with it. Assure them that you are open to talk about it and they can come to you for any help or instance whenever and for whatever they feel like.

Teach your children about online etiquettes

Just as they are taught table manners and classroom etiquettes from a young age, they need to be introduced to online etiquettes as well. Strictly instruct them not to share their full name, city, state, and phone number to anyone online. Also, ask them to maintain the same politeness and dignity online as they do otherwise.

Use the modern parental control software

If your child has his/her personal laptop or smartphone, then you can install a parental control software on it to keep a close eye on his/her activities. Such software are neither too expensive nor too difficult to find in the market. By installing it, every single online activity of your child will be known to you, and you can admonish them accordingly.

Learn as much as you can about the latest technologies

Cyberparenting is not all about monitoring the young ones and putting them under restrictions because all those approaches can only be effective once you have enough knowledge about the cyber world. So, make yourself abreast about it and learn as much as you can, and that will help you find specific ways of monitoring and controlling the online activities of your child.

At Lotus Valley International School, one among the Top 10 Schools in Noida, we very well understand that childhood is a phase where children naturally remain curious about almost everything going on around them. They embrace the cyberspace as a way to satiate that curiosity without fully understanding the perils that can come with it. We believe it is our duty to lead them along the right path in terms of their online activities, and once we are able to do that successfully, our children can surely become the reliable and upright netizens,who can put the widespread reach of the internet to the best possible use.

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