A Redefined Education System Focusing on Real World Learning is What We Need Today

The education system of the previous era was something that can be best defined as a one-size-fits-all model, where the students were to listen and not question, memorize and repeat, and thus, prepare for a workforce that is vastly different from the world needs today. The approaches to and the expectations from education have undergone a huge change with the times. With a focus on nurturing a passion for innovation and in-depth understanding in the young minds, the educators of today are striving to maximize the learning experiences in tandem with the real world such that the students can develop the much-needed skills for navigating in the rapidly evolving world of ours.

We, at Lotus Valley International School, one of the Top International Schools in Noida, believe that the purpose of education is to prepare students for life, and that purpose can never be met until we are able to connect education with the real-world changes and occurrences. Incorporating the real-world connections in lesson plans helps the students to understand how the things that they are learning are useful beyond the boundaries of their school. We believe that redefining education system with a strong focus on real-world learning is crucial for the given reasons:

Keeping up with the age of information

In this age of information and technology, the knowledge sharing economy of ours is basically driven by the power of connectivity. This has largely changed the nature of learning as technology and education go hand in hand, creating new opportunities for students to network, collaborate, and spread ideas. Failing to remain updated with the latest changes and innovations of technology is no longer an option for the young brigade ready to set foot in the next phase of their lives.

Ensuring the real-life application of the skills learned

Without connecting education to the real world scenarios and developments, it is not possible to ensure the practical application of the skills learned in class. For instance, when we teach the children about the various terminologies and facts of the political sciences, it will amount to nothing until we enable them to relate it all to the current political conditions of their country and the world. This is how the first steps of being a responsible citizen and an informed individual starts.

Opening up the classroom to a wider world

Multimedia activities provide a rich context for alternative teaching methods as well as structured learning. Bringing material to life through news feeds, websites, and e-learning techniques opens up the classroom to a wide world where students can start to see and appreciate the value of learning. There is no better way to connect with the real world than bringing the world to the classrooms through various modes, techniques, and tools of learning.

Increasing classroom engagement for students

Increasing engagement through interactive education technology encourages the children to become better learners by empowering self-initiated learning amongst them. Children start taking an interest in the things that are going on around them, and they actively seek to satisfy their thirst for knowledge, which makes learning more effective and easy to impart.

Staying ahead in a highly competitive world

There is no denying the fact that the existing and increasing level of competition present in every single arena, right from education to careers, is gradually making the world a tough place to thrive in for an average individual. When children are unable to keep up with the innovations and demands of our world, it leads them to falter on their potential to attain success. Thus, it is important to ensure that the education imparted to them is not just at par with the real world issues but also is able to keep pace with the modern tools and technological innovations going across the globe.

As one of the premier institutions of the country, we, at Lotus Valley International School, believe that it is our prime responsibility to hone the skills and the acumen of our young buds in a way that they are able to sustain and thrive in the modern world. We, hence, always make sure that all our resources, mentorship, and approaches are attuned to ensuring that for our children, and this is indeed the key to the world-class education imparted at our institute.

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