A Few Inspirational Words You Should Tell Your Kids Each Day

A Few Inspirational Words You Should Tell Your Kids Each Day

The modern culture is getting increasingly obsessed with measuring the abilities and talents of children, and as such, it is quite natural that we tend to forget the role of inspiration in their lives. Inspiration gives rise to new possibilities in the young minds by allowing them to transcend their ordinary experiences and limitations. It propels the little buds from the path of dispiritedness to possibilities and transforms the way they perceive their own capabilities.

We, at the Lotus Valley International School, one among the Top 5 schools in Noida, believe that children are the ones who are the most in need of regular motivation in their life. Childhood is a stage where there is a constant forming of ideas about people, places, and situations, which eventually lead to the development of their conception of the world. This is where the words of inspiration can truly come as extremely useful in helping the children to thrust forward in the path of life. The gentle words of inspiration heard daily from the people who matter in their life i.e. their parents and mentors can act as the instrument that helps them rise above any adverse situations and develop self-belief.

You can inspire your kids in multiple ways, from actions to words, and the best possible method is a combination of both. In terms of verbally communicating the message, the following are some of the best words of inspiration that we feel you should tell your children every day.

Have faith in the best of your abilities

As Theodore Roosevelt once said, “do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” We believe that it is important to teach kids that though they may not have the best of all things in life but they should never give up thinking that each day they can come up being a better version of themselves. Parents need to inspire children to give each experience and moment their best shot and do everything with the best of the abilities to make sure that results follow.

Value yourself to earn the respect of others

In the wise words of Eleanor Roosevelt, “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Self-value is one of the most important lessons that you can teach your kids at a young age. An individual who does not value his own true worth, hardly ever gets the respect he deserves from others about his abilities.

Never give up on trying

Always tell your children that there is nothing called “enough” when it comes to attempts to reach their goals. Success is always closer than we think and each attempt helps us get a step closer to it. Teach them that giving up should never be considered an option. It should be the goal that they should keep their focus on and all their efforts should be directed towards achieving the same.

Failure is the first pillar of success

This adage is what Mickey Rooney wanted to convey when he said, “you always pass failure on your way to success.” True success never comes easy and that is what makes the fruits of success so sweet to taste. Children need to understand that their conduct in the face of failure and their ability to bounce back is what defines their strength of character.

Believe in your dreams

Children should be taught to believe in their dreams with all their heart. Inspire your kids to have confidence in their dreams and make sure that you trust in those dreams too. Your belief is as important to them as theirs and this will help them to move forward in making the dreams a reality in future.

Take each day as it comes

It is important to instill the idea in the young minds that they should bury the issues of the past in the past itself if they want to move forward in life. Children should learn to take each day as it comes rather than getting stuck in the mistakes made in the past.

We, at Lotus Valley, believe that the best way to instill the seeds of hope and aspiration in the young minds is to shower them with constant inspiration. At school, we see to it that we inspire our pupils every day and the same is taken very well care of by our experienced teachers who keep bestowing the children with a regular dose of inspiration through their conduct and words. We believe that every child is special in his/her own accord and all that is needed is the gentle nudge of inspiration to help them achieve all the success in life.

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