5 Ways to Keep Your Mind Free of Any Negative Thoughts

With the way the present situation is and how the news coming from all quarters is nothing but dark and gloomy, it is proving to be really difficult for even the most optimistic amongst ourselves to hold on to positivity. Anxiety and uncertainty are bound to cloud your mind when you have not really heard any good news about improvements in the current scenario for weeks now. The lockdown is just getting extended time and again and you can do nothing but sit at home, and pray for all these to be over soon.

We understand that keeping your mind free from negative thoughts does not seem possible now that your worries have actually increased manifold. When will the situation be back to normal? Am I doing enough to keep the family safe? How to keep the kids happy and busy during this time? Will going out feel safe even after the lockdown gets over? These are probably just a few of the countless questions running through your mind all day.

So, to help you calm down and keep those negative thoughts at bay, we, at Lotus Valley International School,positioned among the top 10 schools in Noida, have brought you a few suggestions that would help.

  1. Start spending enough time towards self-care

What better time than now to indulge in some self-care? Try taking up a new beauty routine and go for homemade facials and hair masks. Or, you can simply adopt a new exercise routine and learn the techniques of meditation and freehand exercises. And, if you are up for it, play an upbeat song and dance it out with your kid. The point is to keep yourself happy, and you can choose whichever way you want to make that happen.

  1. Pick up a new hobby to keep your mind occupied

We have mentioned previously that this is a good time to get the kids to learn something new. Well, the same thing applies to you because it will help keep your mind busy enough to banish the negative thoughts away. Nowadays, you have online tutorials and YouTube videos from where you can learn anything you want. So, start your classes today!

  1. Try to put the things into perspective and calm down

The human mind has a thing called the negativity bias, which makes us remember the negative things better than the positive ones. Considering it from an evolutionary standpoint, it made humans not go for the poisonous foods the second time! But, now it also means that we tend to focus on the negatives over the positives a bit too much. So, let’s try to focus on the good things, shall we? After all, the pandemic has also brought in stories of human kindness and a cleaner environment.

  1. Practice acts of love and kindness towards other people

We, at Best cbse school in noida, urge people not to react to their anxiety by indulging in hoarding behavior and panic-buying. Instead, how about trying to feel good by showing kindness towards other people? Donate to government and non-government funds that are trying to help the poor and helpless, who are finding it difficult to meet the ends now. Call up your house-help and ask her how she is doing, or simply drop a text to a loved one with whom you haven’t talked in a while.

  1. Do not keep going back to the new channels all the time

Finally, this is one of the most important advice you’ll have to follow if you want to keep the negative thoughts away. Just don’t keep checking the news time and again all through the day, and depress yourself even further. Know the latest news and health directives, and be in the loop, but don’t inundate yourself with it.

We, at Lotus Valley International School, urge all of you to try out various means to keep the negativity at bay and engage in more of positive experiences. Stay at home, stay safe, and follow the advice offered by our government and WHO on keeping safe. Let us all do what we can and pray with all our hearts that we can vanquish the pandemic soon.

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