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TEACHER TRAINING, 2019-20 PDF Download Here


Our curriculum is equipped with a unique integration of traditional educational theory and practice from India and aboard. We instill a firm traditional and cultural base in our curriculum to ensure a sense of identity, spiritualism and ethics in the students.

Lotus Valley International School seeks to Implement a learning model, using teaching systems and methods that initiate learning activities, encourage the students to focus on the thought and feelings that are being experienced, to derive new learning from the activity and in the process, become more knowledgeable, more confident and a committed individual capable of making informed choices.

Our thematic integrated curriculum at the Pre – Primary level is structured to carefully nurture our young ones. It has been specially designed to cater to their desire to absorb and inquire, thus enhancing their inbuilt abilities. It has been specially designed to suit their physical, mental and emotional needs.

Pre Primary Department of LVISN was accorded the 'Innovative Curriculum' award for promoting holistic development of the children by providing emotional strength, loving care, stimulating environment and learning fun, under the supervision of skilled and dedicated teachers.

In the middle and senior school, students are trained to acquire organizational and analytical skills and also gain confidence for year end examinations.

In line with our Core Philosophy, the teaching and learning model designed by Lotus Valley thus aims to:

  • Emphasize a structured learning process, where the teacher facilitates, inspires and imparts a strong practical slant to the entire learning experience.
  • Utilize many varied and interactive teaching methods, including cutting-edge technology to stimulate different areas of intelligence. Our children not only realize the need to learn, but actively want to learn.
  • Develop social, behavioral and life-skills in each child so that they become fulfilled and highly productive members of society.
  • Make each child responsible for themselves and ready to create a position as a leader in the new economic and social climate.

Student Empowerment Initiatives


At a time when the intellectual resources of the world were as strained as the financial or medical, the Sarv Sahodaya Group, a conference of 14 leading schools from Delhi and NCR, collaborated to organise a student webinar, spearheaded by the Chairperson, Dr Ruchi Seth, Principal, Lotus Valley International School, Noida viewed by almost 1500 people on YouTube.

Taking for its theme the broad-spectrum phenomenon of Metamorphosis, the webinar proclaimed as its motto the Japanese philosophy of Kodo (continuous thinking), Kagne (continuous acting), Kaizen (continuous improving). 37 students spent 2 days deliberating on challenging topics such as the economic, demographic and socio-political changes necessitated by the transformation within 21st century society.

Lotus Valley Noida
Lotus Valley Noida
Lotus Valley Noida
Lotus Valley Noida
Lotus Valley Noida


In order to address student queries regarding the novel CUET initiative, LVISN organized an online webinar on CUET – Pattern and Preparation for Students, Parents and Teachers Dr. S.K. Garg, the President of Delhi University Principals’ Association and Director General of Maharaja Agrasen College, apprised students about the new admission pattern for Delhi University through CUET.

Lotus Valley Noida
Lotus Valley Noida
Lotus Valley Noida


LVISN organised the Vyomika Space Workshop or classes VI to XII.

Aiming to inculcate a scientific temper, the students virtually witnessed various rockets designed by ISRO, and learned about the legacy of ISRO’s space missions through an intriguing exhibition in the school auditorium. They also got the opportunity to explore their creative palettes by producing artwork based on the theme of space and purged their inquisitiveness by asking questions related to space science and the latest tech gear. It rained rockets as students designed and launched their own hydro rockets from scratch.

Lotus Valley Noida
Lotus Valley Noida


LVISN invited national-level Calisthenics athletes, Sunpreet Singh and Shivani Tyagi, to conduct a workshop for the students of grades IX and X. The athletes demonstrated the art of Calisthenics to the students and shared the importance of including the exercises in their daily routine for the development of strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination. Students enjoyed learning to use their body weight for push-ups and other exercises, under the guidance of the athletes. It was a thoroughly enriching workshop that combined recreation and fitness.

Lotus Valley Noida
Lotus Valley Noida


Going a step ahead by collaborating with Open House Technologies to offer a summer program on entrepreneurship (the “EP OH Club”) during the month of May 2021. The program saw a very enthusiastic participation of 48 students ranging from classes IX to XII.

The six sessions spanning over a month saw a variety of interesting activities. The students were also taught on how to give elevator pitches to prospective investors. They learnt to devise promotional strategies for their products/services. The program concluded with a combined session along with parents and students. The students shared their learnings from the month and bid farewell to their tribes.

Lotus Valley Noida
Lotus Valley Noida
Lotus Valley Noida