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Mother's Day by Classes I & II


Rightly said, 'God could not be present everywhere, therefore he made mothers.'

The students of Classes I and II celebrated Mother's Day with great enthusiasm to show their respect and express gratitude towards their mothers, grandmothers and aunts. The students of Classes II Annapurna and Bruce presented a Special Assembly on 8th May, 2019 to commemorate this special day. Few students performed a skit showcasing the various roles played by mothers, like that of a chef, driver, teacher, friend, nurse etc.  Few children came dressed up in colourful attires and familiarized the audience with the various ways in which mothers are addressed in different Indian states. The students also mesmerized the audience with a medley of songs, depicting the love between the mother and the child. The young learners of Classes I and II enjoyed the celebrations, immensely.