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Earth Day Celebrations- Classes I and II

Our budding environmentalists of Classes I and II came up with novel and practical tips to save our planet Earth. They were reinforced with strategies like planting saplings, using car pools, using recyclable bags, not wasting water and electricity, pledging to practice the 4Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle, rethink).

 The saying 'Every day is Earth day' was implemented beautifully by the children of Class I as they sowed seeds in earthen pots. This hands on activity further strengthened the resolve of our budding environmentalists to 'Go Green'.

With the aim of integrating the concept with the curriculum, an activity involving addition and colouring a picture of the Earth was also conducted for the young learners of Class II. Badges were awarded to the students of both classes for the zeal and enthusiasm with which they celebrated 'Earth Day'.

As an apt finale to the celebrations, a Special Assembly was conducted. The students of Classes II Mc Kinley and Everest, with their power packed performances, touched a chord in each heart and beautifully conveyed the message to 'Go Green' and to make each day Earth Day. The celebrations motivated each one present to contribute their bit in making our home, our planet Earth a beautiful place.