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Festival of Multiple Intelligence Classes I & II

A child comes into life with wonder, awe, curiosity, spontaneity, vitality, flexibility and many other characteristics of their joyous being. The Festival of Multiple Intelligences based on the theory of Multiple Intelligence by Howard Gardner was organised by LVIS in collaboration with Primary Plus on 26th and 27th February, 2019 for the students of classes I and II.

The students were given their ‘Passports of Learning’ and were then put into groups to experience various activities. The children were taken on a rendezvous of various exploratory activities such as Crazy Science, Understanding 3D, Rock Climbing, Dance 60, Aerobics, Gravity Maze Centre and Leadership.

Understanding 3D helped explain 3D objects on a 2D plane. It was heartening to see students attempt the various designs with success. Dance 60 Concept highlighted the fact that one must sing and dance everyday to boost one’s vitality, vigour and happiness quotient. The Gravity Maze Centre enhanced their visual, logical, and science acumen as well as enhanced body-mind coordination. Leadership activities helped children to understand and sharpen their planning and execution skills. After each activity their passport was stamped and a star was given for their performance.

Children had a great learning experience and wished the day would never come to an end.