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Road Safety Awareness Programme-Class II

Childhood is a time for learning and exploring new things. It is imperative that we educate children at an early age itself, about road safety rules and thus usher them to be ‘street smart’. With this thought in mind ‘BMW Road Safety Awareness Programme’ was conducted for the students of Class II on 18th and 19th February.

The programme commenced with a worksheet to check the knowledge of children related to road rules followed by a PPT and video, related to various traffic rules like wearing helmets, using traffic signs, wearing seat belts etc. A worksheet, post the workshop, was also given to the children, to gauge the knowledge that they gained in the workshop.Using miniature cars and bikes, the junior drivers learned to navigate a network of road signs, zebra crossings, a roundabout and traffic signals. The students thoroughly enjoyed riding toy cars and bikes. They learnt about various traffic rules in a live traffic situation, usage of road signs and situation response techniques.

 We hope children will share their insight from the workshop with their parents, who will earnestly fulfill their duties as guardians and set good examples for children, in terms of traffic safety.