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Fit Kid – Class I

In sync with our country’s Independence Day, the nutrition theme for this month’s Fit kid session was ‘Tiranga Special’. Dr. Aditi and her team made the young Lotusians aware of the nutritional facts of consuming healthy food of various colours. Fruits and vegetables come in variety of different colours. These colours represent different nutritional components. It is recommended that children make it a goal to eat a rainbow of colours each week to keep infections at bay. Fit kids of LVIS were encouraged to eat vitamin. A rich saffron /orange coloured fruits / vegetables, green leafy vegetables rich in iron, calcium and vitamin c, white coloured fruits / vegetables rich in antioxidants and minerals; in a play way manner.

As a part of ‘Arn o Bix’ the Fit kid team got our dear fit kids to do the ‘soldier drill’ on a few army drill songs. Such movements help the fit kids to learn rhythmic aerobic steps, balance their body and mind and increase concentration and coordination. It was a very informative and fun filled session. Handouts were sent to the parents.