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Janamashtami - Special Assembly- Classes I & II

Joy and gaiety filled the atmosphere as the children celebrated Janamashtami  on 29th August, 2018.The Special Assembly conducted by the students of Class II Mont Blanc highlighted the importance of celebrating the festival promoting the feeling of love, happiness and peace. The audience could not resist tapping their feet and swaying to a melodious rendition of the song ‘Govind Nand Mayo, Jai Ho Nand Lal Ki….’The audience were thrilled to see the  drama ‘Krishna Janm ’ enacted by the students dressed as Kans, Ma Yashoda, Nand Baba, Ma Devki, Vasudev and the fun loving Krishna. They sang in unison to the shloka ‘Karmanye Vadhikaraste’, encouraging everyone to do their duty without getting attached to the result of their actions. The children also brought the five favourite things of Lord Krishna and talked about them. The assembly concluded with the motivational words by Ms. Mona Kalra, In-charge Classes I and II.