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Dental Talk - ‘Happy Teeth, Happy Smiles’ - Class II

A dental talk was conducted for students of Class II on 24th August, 2018 to motivate the little children to take responsibility of their dental hygiene. With our little ones at the tender age of shedding milk teeth and acquiring their permanent ones, one of our parents, Dr. Deepti Dhodi, a renowned dentist explained the importance of dental care and oral hygiene. The foundation for healthy permanent teeth is laid during the early years of life and our guest speaker provided us with invaluable information on the correct ways to brush our teeth, the amount of toothpaste to be used, cavities, flossing as well as the importance of having a healthy diet and good eating habits for healthy teeth. The session was very interactive and queries of the students were also addressed. Children also learnt about various do’s and don’ts related to dental care and believed that teeth can last a lifetime if we take good care of them.

At Lotus Valley, we believe that by establishing a good oral hygiene routine for our children, right from the start, we'll give them the best chance of keeping their teeth healthy forever.