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KG Penguins Janmashtami assembly

Janmashtami celebration was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm by the children of KG Penguins on 29th August, 2018. Beautiful decorations were put up in the assembly to make this event more cheerful and colorful. The students presented drama and dance based on the life of Lord Krishna. All the children came dressed up as ‘Gopis’, ‘Gwala’s’ and Krishna. The nautiness of 'Bal Gopal’s was presented in a 'Makan Chor' skit.  was a fun filled day for the students. Children danced on the tunes of garba. A ‘Matki Phod’ event was also organized to mark the mischievous nature of ‘Bal Gopal’. Singing an enticing Krishna bhajan and the soulful 'Hare Rama, Hare Krishna' chants added to the ecstasy and majesty of the assembly. 'Charnamrit' and Prasad was distributed to everyone. Children rocked the cradle of 'Bal Gopal’s. It was a fun filled day for the children.