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‘Discovering India’ Programme- Classes I and II

‘Discovering India’ Programme- Classes I and II

After exploring the capital of India, New Delhi the students were thrilled and enthused to discover yet another vibrant state of India. This incessant voyage continued and our young explorers were engrossed in exploring ‘The heaven on Earth’ Kashmir and ‘The abode of snow’ Himachal Pradesh in the month of July.

The students of Class I enjoyed the collage making activity for Kashmir. The collage comprised of pictures of famous places, food, costumes etc. of Kashmir.

The students of Class II enjoyed map marking, informative PPTs with minutiae about the states and amusing activities. They displayed their brilliance in their scrapbooks by representing the picturesque beauty of snow clad mountains, Dal Lake and the origami shikaras.

Children of both classes I and II also got to view a marvellous exhibition depicting the famous things of Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. The famous Kullu shawl, Pahari cap, phiran worn by girls, handicrafts etc were liked by one and all.