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Earth Day Celebration Class I

Earth Day Celebrations - Class I

With the aim to create awareness about current environmental issues and to inculcate a sense of responsibility towards our Mother Earth, Classes I and II celebrated Earth Day with great aplomb and enthusiasm to convey the message of protecting our precious Earth and its valuable resources, so that they can be available to us for years to come. It was heartening to see our young learners; the torch bearers of tomorrow apply their minds and come up with novel ways and tips to safeguard the planet as the teachers discussed the role of each one in saving our planet.

The message of protecting our precious planet, Earth and its valuable resources, was conveyed through a medley of educational and fun activities. As part of the awareness programme, the session began with an introduction to the 3 R’s wherein they understood the significance of following 3 R’s to keep the earth clean, green and garbage free.

To further elaborate the concept, the students pondered over and discussed tips on how to contribute to save our Mother Earth. Keeping the same message in mind, the kids spoke on various topics like Tree, Nature, Water, Earth etc.

Children coloured the picture of the Earth using their creativity and pledged to take care of the planet we all live in.

The main objective, to make children realize that the future of this planet is in their hands and they need to take care of it was successfully met.