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Earth Day Celebration Class II

Earth Day Celebrations - Class II

With the aim to create awareness about current environmental issues and to inculcate a sense of responsibility towards our Mother Earth, Classes I and II celebrated Earth Day with great aplomb and enthusiasm to convey the message of protecting our precious Earth and its valuable resources, so that they can be available to us for years to come. It was heartening to see our young learners; the torch bearers of tomorrow apply their minds and come up with novel ways and tips to safeguard the planet as the teachers discussed the role of each one in saving our planet.

The Environment Week Celebrations began with a Poster Making Activity in which the students came up with numerous ideas and ways to save our Mother Earth. It was a group activity, which provided an exciting opportunity for the students to engage in discussions and depict their ideas to save our earth and its resources in a creative way. This activity promoted healthy participation of all the students.

Next day, the students showcased their individual creative talent when they coloured a picture beautifully, using the given colour codes. The students solved the addition sums given in each part of the drawing enthusiastically and the outcome was a lovely picture of the Mother Earth.

The following day, the students enjoyed a nature walk with their teachers. The students explored their natural surroundings, enjoyed thoroughly and learnt a lot about different kinds of plants, birds, gardening and other outdoor activities. Connecting to nature when they are young can build a lifetime of respect and enjoyment for the Earth and outdoors. The next day, each child coloured a badge with a pledge to ‘Save the Mother Earth’ written on it. They all proudly wore the badges and discussed the ways in which they can contribute to save the natural resources of the Earth.

All in all, the students learnt that the Earth is a unique planet in the universe. It should be the responsibility of every human being to take care of its environment. If the inhabitants of planet Earth want their common house to be a blooming garden, then they should all make efforts to protect it.