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Creative Expressions Art Competition Classes I & II

‘Creative Expressions’ – Drawing and Colouring Competition ( Classes I & II)

Art as a medium of expression is an effective way to enhance creativity and kindle imagination. Lotus Valley International School organized the first competition of the session, Creative Expressions-‘Drawing and Colouring’ competition for the young learners of Classes I and II on 26th April, 2018.The students chose from an array of topics like Save Earth, Picnic with friends, My favourite superhero and Birthday Party for Class I to Jungle scene, Underwater scene, My favourite festival and Save environment for class II. The drawings, with their colourful hues and designs reflected the unbridled imagination of a child’s fertile mind.

The excitement and enthusiasm of the children knew no bounds as they started on the voyage of colouring. It was heartening to see our budding artists work with such focus and passion. A dedicated team of teachers went on a round clicking the budding maestros at work. It was an equally mind-boggling task for the judges to select the best, as each creation was unique and a masterpiece in its own right. The competition was a reflection of each child’s individuality and provided hands-on exposure to foster learning with fun.