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Magic Show-Classes I and II

Performing magic tricks is a great way to introduce kids to the world of adventure and unleash their imagination. Keeping this in mind, a magic show was organized in the school for students of Classes I and II on 22nd February, 2018.

Two magicians, Mr. Sejal Agarwal and Mr. Rakesh Kumar came with their magic kit including tissues, coloured pieces of clothes, sticks, confetti etc. Before starting the show, the magicians stated that there was no such thing as magic and it was all a play of hands. They also stated that magic is a mix of yoga, geometry and maths and is performed after a lot of regular and dedicated practice.

The show started with the trick wherein a piece of red cloth was turned into a red flower and the children roared with excitement and awe. With music playing in the background, the magician tapped his feet to the beats while performing the unbelievable tricks, leaving students and teachers spellbound.  They even called a few student volunteers from the crowd to actively participate in some of the tricks. The children thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the magic show and kept talking about it the whole day.