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Visit to Lodhi Garden: Class II

‘A picnic is more than eating a meal; it is a pleasurable state of mind.’

                                                                                                             DeeDee Stovel


On the beautiful sunny morning of 9th February, 2018, the students of Class II went to ‘Lodhi Garden’ for the annual school picnic. Spread over 90 acres, this place not only served as a perfect place for spending quality time with friends but was also a great learning experience.

The students sang their way to the picnic spot. Once they reached the park there was no stopping them. They played various games with their friends and teachers.

To refresh the mind, a nature walk was the perfect idea. Beautiful flowers scented the path to the lake where ducks and swans swam with ease and elegance. The stunning sight of the swans drying their wings and walking around was a treat for the eyes. The sight of the huge ‘Gumbads’ was an added advantage, as the children were very excited. The history of the place, carvings on the walls and the paintings were mesmerizing.

The students then sat down to share their favourite tiffin with their friends, nannies and teachers. The luscious food brought a perfect end to the complete quest of treasures. Bliss in the blanket of greenery, blooming flowers, fresh air and the company of teachers and friends, it was a day the students of Class II thoroughly enjoyed and each carried their best moments as memories to cherish for life.