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Classes I and II

The young Lotusians of Classes I and II of Lotus Valley International School, Noida hosted the Annual Cultural Fiesta on 15th and 16th of December, 2017, in the school auditorium. The occasion was graced by the esteemed Guest of Honour Mrs. Uma Kapoor, Founder and Secretary General, AIFDW (All India Foundation of Deaf Women).The Indian Choir sang a melodious song seeking the blessing of Lord Ganesha and later setting the mood for the magic that awaited with the song ‘Abar Humara Rasta’.

 The fit and proficient yogis, nimbly and effortlessly showcased every arduous step with agility and unwavering spirit with the beautiful classical version of ‘Shape of You’. Celebrating the beauty of life, in its various hues and colours, the musical drama, 'Cinderella' portrayed the power of believing in dreams and overcoming obstacles with courage and fortitude. Cinderella, with her kind heart and innate love for everyone, faced each challenge that came her way with positivity and alacrity. This fairytale enchanted our young learners and also inspired them to imbibe these valuable life skills. The vibrant panorama began with a beautiful 'Nature Dance', which depicted Cinderella revelling  in happiness and  love ,with her friends and family. The foot tapping performance had the audience swaying to the beats, in delight. The talented young actors took the audience on an emotional roller coaster ride, as they flawlessly enacted their roles and portrayed the joys and tragedies that befell Cinderella. The magic transformation was beautifully shown  by the budding actors, as they spoke their dialogues with passion and zing. The fairytale romance of Cinderella and the Prince came alive in the ballroom dance to the bewitching track of 'Thinking Out Loud', by Ed Sheeran. The audience was mesmerized by the grace and synchronised moves of our exquisite dancers. Performing with great style and elan, the young dramatists took the story forward and demonstrated the power of true love and  courage, in the face of adversity. The extravaganza concluded on a fun filled note with the puppet dance, expressing the zest and celebration of life.

 Magnificently adorned with special effects and awesome props, the presentation was a breathtaking experience. It made each and every person believe that true love triumphs and dreams do come true.