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Discovering India Classes I and II

Discovering India Project is an innovative way in which the students are taken on a journey of their motherland to learn and explore the diversity in India.

After visiting West Bengal and Odisha in September, the students of Classes I and II along with James and Radhika, the main protagonists of the story undertook a learning trip to the states of Maharashtra and Goa. They were familiarized with the important facts and information related to the states through a story and power point presentation. The presentation highlighted the topography and climatic conditions of the two regions, also indicating important cities, famous temples, tourist attractions etc. They learnt about the Gateway of India, Ajanta and Ellora caves, Hanging Garden, Shree Sidhivinayak temple, Fort Aguada, Dudhsagar Falls, churches, beaches, food, festivals and carnivals of Maharashtra and Goa respectively. They filed the facts and their art work about both the states in their scrap books.

 As a part of learning and fun, children of Class I were asked to bring motichoor ladoos in their tiffin , colored and decorated the picture of Ganapati and were made aware that Ganapati Puja is one of the important rituals in Maharashtra.

For  the state of Goa, the children colored and decorated a mask. Class II took great pride in coloring a beach scene that depicted Goa. They also learnt about the Warli art-the famous tribal art form of Maharashtra and children created beautiful and colorful masterpieces using this art form.

Our two states- ‘The City of Dreams’ and ‘The Pearl of the Orient’ are every Indian’s pride and glory. Our children thoroughly enjoyed learning about them.