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Rhapsody-English Recitation Competition Class II

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.” 

                                                                                                           -Robert Frost

Poems continue to be an integral part of school education as they help children learn a language and enhance their musical and aesthetic awareness. It is a way to develop social skills and portray emotions through creativity of words.

 Keeping this in mind, Rhapsody- English Recitation Competition was organized for students of Class II on 31st July and 1st August, 2017 .The exuberant students stepped forward with confidence and recited their poems with expressions, voice modulation and clarity. It was indeed a pleasure to see the young lotusians present their poems on  different themes such as ‘My Country’, ‘Nature’, ‘Friendship’, ‘A Happy Child’ and ‘ Dreams’ so beautifully- with poise and confidence. Children participated earnestly in the competition and exhibited their immense talent.

The winners were selected on the basis of their expressions, voice modulation, pronunciation and presentation. Not only was it an exhilarating experience for the young poets, it was also a great learning experience for the audience too.