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The Fit kid session on Healthy Food conducted by Dr Aditi Mehrotra and her team on 2ndAugust, 2017 was an excellent blend of interactive activity and good information. The session started with a very interesting activity aptly named as RED LIGHT       YELLOW LIGHT      GREEN LIGHT.

Using symbolic representation of food as cars in this activity, the young Lotusians learnt how to judge the food as healthy or unhealthy using the concept of Traffic light signals.

The team  had brought different food items like milk, fruits, cream biscuits, juices, instant noodles, vegetables, vermicelli, chips, chocolates etc. The children were instructed to categorize the food items into three groups and put them in the basket under the three traffic signals.

Never to be eaten food items were to be put in the basket under the RED signal. These foods harm our body and have no nutritional value. Items to be eaten in moderation had to be put in the basket under the YELLOW signal. These foods are not very healthy to eat but it is still ok to enjoy them once in a while .They are also called sometimes food. Food items that should be eaten everyday had to be put in the basket under the GREEN signal. These foods keep us healthy and so should be eaten every day. It was an informative and fun filled activity which kept the children completely engrossed.

 Children also enjoyed performing Rainbow Yoga, a fun way of reaching out to the sky and the ground below.  These stretching yoga asanas are beneficial in the elongation of the spine and improve the posture as well. Children enjoyed stretching like a rainbow. Informative  handouts were sent to the parents.