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Potpourri of Talent Class II

                       The Rising Stars: Light, Camera & Action

The Talent Show Activity-‘Potpourri of Talent’ was organized for Class II students from 10th to 12th July, 2017 to hone their talent,  develop their confidence, nurture their holistic development and remove stage fear among students. There was a complete ambience of joy as children were actively engaged in exhibiting their talent. Their laughter and smiles indicated their sense of involvement and achievement. Students were thrilled and participated whole-heartedly in the competition.

 Young children have an ocean of hidden talent amongst them and it was displayed magnificently on stage. The students sang songs, recited poems and enthralled the audience with their scintillating performances. Many students displayed their talents by dancing on foot tapping numbers and left the audience spellbound. It once again proved that our children are not only gifted in the classrooms but also on the stage, with dancers, singers and speakers all displaying some incredible talent!

 The commitment and talent of enthusiastic students impressed everyone. Hard work and the efforts put in by the parents were evident and made the whole activity laudable. It was an enriching experience that will remain etched in the minds of all for a long long time.