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Governor's Meet-- Report


“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

On 7th May 2017, Rotary organised a meeting with the teacher in-charges, President and Secretary of the Interact Club of schools of District 3012 in Radisson Hotel, Noida as part of the Governor’s annual official visit to discuss various topics and evaluate events.

Lotus Valley International School, Noida was pleased to have been invited to be part of this event. It was a wonderful experience to be part of the meeting. Mr. Sharad Jain, Governor of the district spoke about various issues such as membership goals of Rotary- to retain its number of members so as to increase productivity. He explained how Rotary is only the only organisation that considers the new generation as a ‘service’ by making them better citizens by inculcating leadership, service and work ethics – qualities desired in Rotarians, which would lead to the development of the country, and the world in turn. He motivated everyone on working together to move forward like corporate industry- making the club vibrant, efficient and considering it as a living entity, not just a club. The benefits of being a Rotarian is much beyond the club as working in unison impacts the society manifold. He also spoke about how India has been successful in becoming a polio-free country and their other projects such as ‘wash in schools’ which encouraged the people present to work towards even the smallest of issues and concerns. 

Mr. Shashank Aggarwal, president of Rotary spoke about what all activities Rotary has participated in and promotes. Events such as DILA, RYLA, District Conferences and activities like tree planting, blood camps, primary schools repair work, awareness talks, plastic surgery camps and health check-up camps are just some of the few projects Rotary actively takes part in.

It was truly an educative and delightful experience to have been witness to this meeting. We look forward to conducting and participating in such activities and carry forward the pride of giving back to the community.