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                                               CLUB – NUMBER ART

                                                         APRIL & MAY

Logic will take you from A to B..............Imagination will take you everywhere……..


Children have different ways of expressing themselves and drawing provides them the opportunity to make their thoughts and emotions known to the  world.

To bring out the creativity and the artistic talents among our students, Number Drawing Club was organised in the month of April & May for class I. It was a great way to merge their interest in mathematics and art. Creative and child-friendly drawings were made with numbers as a base.

 Kids learnt to make funny cartoons of animals/birds with numbers.  They started with the numbers as a base which were turned into a frog, shrew, swan, rabbit, rooster, shark, sparrow, mouse, snowman, chick, dog, elephant, owl and an alien.

The children showcased their creative skills in drawing & colouring and came up with amazing art work. A name was given to each character. The students were also encouraged to come up with their own imaginary names. Some amazing facts related to these animals/birds were also shared in the classroom.

 A sense of accomplishment and happiness reflected in the eyes of our twinkling stars each time, after completing a drawing. Every drawing was done very beautifully and diligently by the children. Neatness, creativity, colour combination and overall effect were a treat to the eyes.

This fun filled club witnessed an enthusiastic participation by all the students.