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Fit kid Report


Dr Aditi Mehrotra and her team conducted the Second Monthly Session of Fit Kid , school nutrition intervention program  on 5th May, 2017.In the month of April, Fit kids were introduced to the concept that the food we eat, belongs to five major food groups namely grains, proteins ,vegetables, fruits and dairy. There was a quick recap discussion before moving to the new one.


Sun is at its peak in summer and there is a possibility of children falling ill with seasonal infections and dehydration or a mild heat stroke. So the young Fit kids of LVIS were introduced to the health benefits of the juicy and pulpy fruit of the summer -WATERMELON.

Watermelon has very high water content. It is rich in Vitamin A, which is good for the eyes and also in Vitamin C, which protects from infections. It is high in fibre which improves digestion. This was explained to them through an interesting story and a song. Children enjoyed the story and danced happily to the tunes of watermelon song.

They were given a drawing of watermelon to colour and were told that all the parts of watermelon can be eaten including the seeds and skin (skin tenderized and sautéed).

Kids were given a badge –WATTAMELON! &Information handouts were sent to the parents so that they could also reinforce the same with our young learners.