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Christmas is not so much about opening presents, as of opening our hearts!

          Joy and gaiety pervaded the atmosphere as the students of Class I Olive and I Gulmohar conducted the Special assembly on Christmas with great zeal and enthusiasm. The stage was beautifully decorated and wore a festive look. The assembly began with a wonderful thought, followed by some interesting information about the Christmas tree, wreath, food, importance of praying and singing carols.

The children sang the Christmas carols melodiously swinging with the beats. The highlight of the assembly was of course the entry of everyone’s favourite Santa Claus with his team of reindeers. Everyone was thrilled to see him dance to the tune of Jingle bells.The students enjoyed the whole experience and lots of good wishes and smiles were exchanged.

The assembly finally concluded with In charge, Mrs. Mona Kalra conveying her greetings and best wishes to everybody. She asked the children to share with others as much as they can and also  thank their parents and teachers for being their lifelong Santas and for loving them unconditionally throughout their lives .It was a wonderful way to mark the end of year, 2016 and welcome the coming year with outstretched arms.