Lotus Valley International School hosted the Annual Cultural Fiesta for Classes I and II on Saturday,17th December, 2016. The Principal, Dr. Ruchi Seth welcomed the guest of honour, Mrs. Sureena Uppal, honourable Vice Chairperson of the school as well as all the parents and grandparents.

An aura of peace and calm was created by‘SurSangam’, the Indian music choir’s soulful rendition of a Sanskrit ‘shloka’ and a prayer song. A captivating ‘Welcome Dance’ to the tune of divine ‘Ganesh Vandana’ formally inaugurated the festivities, invoking good luck and propitious beginnings.

The theme ‘Udaan-An Ode To Young Lotusians’ showcased the freedom of our young blossoms to dream and soar to unprecedented heights. The concept of the show portrayed the meaning and substance of ‘education’ in its true sense and how Lotus Valley International School’ is committed towards fostering the holistic development of the children. The cultural extravaganza highlighted the multifarious activities organized in school that provide ‘hands on learning’ and make it a fun-filled experience.

The artistic amalgamation of Taekwondo and Judo; yoga; aerobics and gymnastics; blend of Indian and Western  dance, fusion of Indian and Western choir and the ramp walk by children dressed up as famous personalities of India left the audience spellbound. The ‘Divine Yoga’

not only epitomized equilibrium and purity of mind, but also strength and endurance . The fit yogis of Lotus Valley, nimbly and effortlessly transitioned from one asana to the other’. The graceful movement of the ribbon dancers and the finesse with which the children swirled and twirled their hula-hoops captivated the audience.

The Western and Indian choir presented a symphony of Indian classical music and Western vocals. The melodious fusion of two genres of music symbolized our cosmic spirit and global vision. Every heart present swelled up with pride to see these little kids transcending all barriers and boundaries and perform gracefully to a melange of Indian and Western beats, beautifully synchronized and coordinated.

The In charge of Classes I and II, Mrs. Mona Kalra applauded the efforts put in by all the students ,teachers parents and people associated with the event in making this cultural extravaganza  a grand affair.