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The Primary Wing (Classes III-IV) of Lotus Valley International School, Noida organized its 13th Annual Day on 18th December, 2016 in the school premises with an overwhelming participation of almost 600 students.

True to its theme “Sadbhav” the event aimed at aesthetically showcasing the spirit of solidarity, humanity, unity, and brotherhood. The programme commenced with ‘zariya’, a welcome song and orchestra, which was in harmonious synchronization and set the pace for the event. The school Principal, Dr Ruchi Seth warmly greeted the audience and aspired the citizens of tomorrow to be the harbingers of peace, love, and humanity. The tempo of the event continued with the skit that all religions lead to the same goal… oneness. Our graceful dancers depicted the essence of Krishna, as an irrepressible child, a terrible prankster, an enchanting flute player, and a graceful dancer in the most colourful incarnation adored and loved by all in the form of Krishna Leela and Raas. Our singers transported the audience to the world of tranquillity and peace through soulful Sufi song “Arziyaan” and Shabad kirtan. Our magnificent mellifluous choir set the festive mood through “Bless the Lord and Feliz Navidad.”  Icing on the cake was the Grand Finale…. A fusion dance performance spreading the message – “Let’s not fight in the name of religion. We are all one’’. Our young Lotusians aimed at creating our own Utopia on our planet… Mother Earth.

The surprise element was Santa’s visit, who distributed goodie hampers to the parents through lucky draw. Everyone rejoiced in the celebration with the undaunting spirit of festivity and merriment.

It was indeed a learning experience and day to remember.