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Inter-House English Debate Competition

EVENT: Inter-House English Debate Competition

DAY AND DATE: Tuesday, 29th November, 2016

VENUE:  Amphitheatre

On 29th November, Lotus Valley International School conducted the Inter-House English Debate Competition in the school premises. The topic before the house was “Celebrities Cannot Be Good Role Models”. The proceedings were judged by Mrs Rachna Marwah and Mrs Nayani, stalwarts of the English Department. Children speaking for the motion raised issues such as can being a celebrity give you the licence to transgress regularly. According to an inspiring quote given by one of the debaters, actions become habits, habits become character and character becomes our destiny, thereby mandating prudence in our choice of role models. Speakers against the motion argued that anyone could qualify, by virtue of hard work and commitment, to be a candidate for emulation. They further added that it was up to us, as sensible individuals, to segregate between reality and fantasy, and to determine which traits we want to emulate in anyone around us. The interjections, too, spoke volumes about the maturity and piercing intellect of the participants, especially as they went on to question the advisability of striving for potentially unachievable goals.

The debate concluded with Principal Ma’am’s inspiring words that greatness can be found in all people, we must only learn to look with discerning vision. She also encouraged the participants to add humour to make their delivery more interesting. She and the judges complimented the debaters’ conviction and acumen, and lauded their clarity of thought.

The students waited for the results with baited breath, and broke out into appreciative applause as the Vice Principal announced that Takshila House had won the overall first position, with Alexandria House coming in a close second. The individual positions were also fiercely competed, with Akshat Vats (Takshila) winning Best Speaker for the motion and Devanshi (Takshila) winning Best Speaker against the motion. The Best Interjector award went to Siddharth Kapoor (Takshila).