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Games, puzzles and tricks provide opportunities for seeing the fun and creative side of mathematics. The Maths Week , organized for the students of class II  from 15th Nov 2016 to 18th Nov, 2016, succeeded in  creating an interest in numbers and strengthening the reasoning and application skills of the students.

The Sudoku activity had the little students clamour for more as they tested their   logical skills and problem-solving strategies.

The Buzz Game was true to its name- the classroom buzzed with the fun-filled activity as the students reinforced their knowledge of   multiplication tables with sharpness and quick reflexes.  Their knowledge of mental maths tricks gave them a positive edge over others as they solved the second level of the competition.

 A fun example of learning-by-doing, the Tangram activity unleashed the creative juices and kindled the imagination of the students. 

The Maths Week was indeed a treasure trove of fun, excitement and learning that reinforced the concepts learnt so far and created excitement to learn more.