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Maths Week-Class I

Juggling with numbers, exploring the concept of time, solving puzzles and brain teasers- the Maths Week was a four-day bonanza of fun-filled activities and competitions.

Organized from15th to 18th November, 2016, each event was guaranteed to challenge the minds of our young learners and relate mathematical concepts to everyday life. The week was inaugurated by the ‘Figure Me Out’ Activity. A fun -filled and challenging worksheet based on number facts and concepts covered invigorated their mental acuity.

‘Tick Tock Tick Tock’, was a hands on clock activity conducted on Day 2. The children were able to relate the concept of time with their day to day tasks and the dummy clock enabled them to hone their time- telling skills.

Day 3 was marked by the ‘Maths Wizard’ Competition. It aimed at enhancing the logical thinking and mental math skills of the students, at the same time, judging their speed and accuracy. It was heartening to see our young learners work with such focus and dedication, as each tried to put his or her best foot forward.

The ‘Fun with Numbers’ activity organized on Day 4 was a fascinating exercise to reinforce the number concepts. A classic example of learning by doing, the activity was conducted at various interesting levels, to challenge the young minds. The excitement of our young mathematicians was palpable as they geared themselves up .They were divided into groups and each student was given a flashcard with a number written on it. The activity not only enriched addition and subtraction skills but also ascertained their sharpness and quick reflexes.

Moreover, it also strengthened their social skills and fostered team spirit. Last but not the least, the Maths Week came to a grand close with badges being given to the children congratulating them for their enthusiastic performance.