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Special Assembly- Gandhi Jayanti and Dussehra

Special Assembly- Gandhi Jayanti and Dussehra

                                       Classes I and II

The students of Classes II Kilimanjaro and Dhaulagiri conducted the Special Assembly on 6th October, 2016 to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti and Dussehra. Spreading the message of peace, truth and love, the students performed brilliantly and conducted the event confidently against the backdrop of the three doctrines of Mahatma Gandhi- ‘see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil’. The programme started with a melodious musical skit dedicated to Gandhiji   along with the enactment of various phases of his work – the Dandi March, the Swadeshi Movement, the Non Co-operation Movement that immortalized him. It was a beautiful way to make our young students aware of Gandhiji’s principles, his contribution to India’s freedom struggle and to the world at large. 

This was followed by a short talk on Dussehra and its importance. The festivities were further enhanced by the colourful and vibrant ‘Garba’ dance which the students performed with grace as they matched their steps rhythmically to the beat of traditional music.

The whole performance reached a delightful crescendo as the students looked on spell bound. The In-charge Classes I and II, Mrs. Mona Kalra appreciated the efforts of the students as well as the teachers and conveyed her greetings to everyone. She also encouraged everyone present to grasp the essence of both the festivals and work together to take our country to greater heights