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Rhythm and Rhyme its Poetry Time

'Rhythm and Rhyme, its Poetry Time'  

                 English Recitation Competition –Classes I and II

Recitation is a way to portray emotions and speak with confidence and expressions.

The English Récitation Compétition was organized for the  enthusiastic students of Class II on 4th October, 2016 and Class I on 5th October, 2016  . The exuberant students stepped forward with confidence and recited the poems with expressions, voice modulation and clarity.

It was indeed a great pleasure to hear the young Lotusians recite their well chosen poems on different themes, such as ‘Trees’, ‘Seasons’, ‘Water’ and ‘Childhood’ for class I and ‘My Dreams’, 'Green Earth', 'Happiness' and ‘Friendship’ for class II. All the students participated enthusiastically and performed to the best of their ability.

Not only was it an exhilarating experience for the young poets, it was also a great learning experience for the young audience. Replete with expression and emotion, it was indeed a spellbinding experience.It was a mind boggling task for the judges to choose the winners as each child performed with such enthusiasm and confidence.

 All the participants were given badges for the hard work and effort put in by them. Our heartfelt thanks to our dear parents for their support and cooperation.