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Computer Fest Class II

New technology is common, new thinking is rare.’

The Computer Fest – MIXMAGIC was organized for our young tech savvy enthusiasts of Class II where they had to use ‘Tux Paint’ software and create a summer scene. The participants showcased their creativity, imagination, and their adroitness with the Tux Paint tools. It was an unforgettable experience for children as it inspired their ingenuity, mind's eye and use of technology. Students unleashed their thoughts, conveyed their imagination dynamically and thus enhanced their learning process.

The fest offered a sneak peek into the future of our Next-Gen children that is guaranteed to take our breath away. A fusion of creativity, talent and skills was showcased marvelously in every scene.  The children had drawn beautiful beaches, scorching sun, ice cream kiosks, swimming pools and what not.  The brilliance with which the students used the tools and the flawlessness of their work left every one spellbound. It was an enjoyable experience for all the students.