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Role Play Activity-Class II

                                          Role Play Activity-Class II

‘Children are great imitators so give them something great to imitate’

Myths and legends are an integral part of human existence. A Role Play Competition was conducted for the students of class II on Friday, 19th August 2016 in which the students came dressed up as Mythological characters and enacted them.

The activity provided an insight into India’s rich cultural heritage and was an enriching experience for our students. Children came dressed as various mythological characters and delivered mesmerizing monologues. The enthusiastic participants bejeweled the stage with their colorful and resplendent dresses.

The confident participants put up a great show and exhibited their vibrant acting and speaking skills. They were full of energy and enacted their favorite mythological characters with such elegance and grace.

The activity helped children develop their imagination, clarity of speech and accentuated their flair for public speaking. By this way, we could instill in them the ethics and moral values espoused by the great legends. Hard work and the efforts put in by the parents were evident and made the whole activity laudable.