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Fit Kid Activity August

Fit Kid Activity August

Let’s feel proud......to be a part of.....our glorious nation....and hoist the Tricolour high....

Integrated learning is the way the new generation likes to learn. This month the Fit Kid Program was integrated with Independence Day.

During the program the children did warm up and stretching exercises. They were given knowledge about the fruits and vegetables of orange, white and green colour.

 The children were also taught to make a ‘Tiranga’ burger with whole wheat bun, paneer, cheese, capsicum and carrots. They were encouraged to eat the ‘Tricolor’ fruits and vegetables to mark the importance of Independence Day.

The students were also given a friendship band depicting the green, saffron and white colour bands of the tiranga flag signifying the importance of orange, green and white pigment rich fruits and vegetables and their health benefits.

At the end, the children did aerobics on the rhythm of patriotic songs and music and enjoyed every bit of it.