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A trip to Kidzania -A City of Real Life Adventures Classes I and II

 Life is an exploration of things, the more exploration, the more knowledge we gain. Each child is meant to explore this earth unhindered by fear, propelled by curiosity and a sense of discovery. With this aim in mind, Lotus Valley International School organized a day trip to Kidzania, Noida for Classes I and II on 29th July, 2016. 

KidZania is a Global Indoor Theme Park and world’s largest interactive platform for schools that teaches kids life shaping skills via role play based activities and realism.
 The children’s excitement was palpable as they boarded the buses with broad smiles and faces glowing in anticipation. Happy chatter filled the buses as they enjoyed the bus ride with their friends .On arrival at kidzania,  the courteous staff of kidzania helped the children with tagging and guided them inside. A completely different world awaited for them as they gained real -life skills, learning about different careers, social skills, teamwork and respect for each other through role-play .They explored different activities by becoming a pilot, fireman, beautician, doctor, rock climber, chef, dentist etc. 
Children explored activities of their interest which helped them to understand the world around them and boost their self-esteem and confidence .A sumptuous buffet lunch was just right to complete the outing. 
The journey back to school was eventful as children discussed their experience with their teachers and friends.  The trip combined learning with fun and also contributed towards broadening their horizons and making them aware of different professions in a fun filled manner.
Truly a memorable experience, the children were thrilled and are already looking forward to their next excursion.